telegram群发软件破解版( A’s Q2 load factor at 84%, highest since 2020


KUALA LUMPUR: Capital A Bhd’s consolidated airlines recorded a load factor of 84% in the second quarter, akin to its pre-pandemic levels, signalling that air travel revival is well underway.

The consolidated airlines carried over 5.6 million passengers, a 633% increase year-on-year (YoY) and 48% increase quarter-on-quarter (QoQ), Capital A said in a statement.

It said the consolidated airlines flew more than 35,000 flights in the second quarter, up 483% YoY compared to the same period last year, supported by the growing domestic demand and the resumption of international travel in Asean countries.

Correspondingly, available seat kilometres (ASK) rose by 456% YoY and revenue passenger kilometres (RPK) increased by 582% YoY.

In the second quarter ended June 30, total operating aircraft for AirAsia Malaysia, AirAsia Indonesia and AirAsia Philippines were 45, 12 and 8 respectively.

“AirAsia Malaysia posted a stronger load factor of 84% in 2Q22, up by 20 percentage points (ppts) YoY and 10 ppts QoQ.

“Passengers carried and capacity increased significantly by 1276% YoY and 955% YoY to 3.8 million and 4.6 million respectively, with more operating aircraft added to support the huge surge in demand for both domestic and international flights,” Capital A said.

AirAsia Indonesia recorded a load factor of 77% in 2Q22, an increase of 10 ppts YoY.


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Its domestic flights achieved a healthy load factor at 73% while the load factor for international flights was stronger at 86%. Passengers carried and capacity improved by 132% YoY and 102% YoY respectively.

AirAsia Philippines posted the highest load factor among the group's airlines at 93%, which grew by 15 ppts YoY.

In 2Q22, the number of passengers carried increased by 480% YoY and capacity expanded 388% YoY.

AirAsia Thailand carried over 1.7 million passengers, up 133% YoY with a load factor of 75% in 2Q22, rising 14 ppts compared to the prior corresponding period.

Meanwhile, Capital A's digital businesses, airasia Super App’s monthly active users (MAU) stood at 10.6 million in 2Q22, up 236% compared to the same period last year.

It said the improvement was primarily due to the strong return of travel and increased user acquisition on the mobile app.

Additionally, the number of transactions increased 70% for QoQ comparison and climbed five times as compared to the second quarter last year. These were driven primarily by increasing transactions from Flights, airasia ride, FlyBeyond, and SUPER+.

BigPay reached 1.2 million carded users in 2Q2022, a 62% increase from the same period last year.

Capital A's logistics business, Teleport transported slightly lower cargo tonnage by 27% YoY due to the extended lockdowns imposed in China that began in March 2022.

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