Wee says national transport planning requires coordination of various ministries, agencies


Transport minister Wee Ka Siong says most things in the country required the cooperation and involvement of many parties. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, July 9, 2022.

NATIONAL transport planning requires the coordination of many agencies and ministries besides the involvement of the Transport Ministry (MOT), said its minister Wee Ka Siong. 

When commenting on a statement by an expert who stated that Malaysia’s economic development was hindered as many ministries and agencies were involved in transport planning, Wee said most things in the country required the cooperation and involvement of many parties.

“This is a fact. We have four types of roads where federal roads are maintained by the Public Works Department and state roads by the state government.”

“We have city roads maintained by the local authority and there are village roads under the district office,” he said in a press conference after launching the Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology (TAR UMT) 10-Year Roadmap in Kuala Lumpur today.

Citing the example of road construction, he explained that roads were built by the Public Works Department but enforcement of road laws is done by the MOT and police while the road construction policy may be under the plan of the Housing and Local Government Ministry.

However, Wee said he welcomed the opinion of experts as they have their own viewpoints in various matters or fields.




Local media quoted a transport consultant as saying that public transport services and transport system planning had split following three ministries playing various roles in decision-making.

When asked whether the government will extend the free fares for all public transport operated by RapidKL that will end on July 16, Wee said so far the MOT had adhered to Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s announcement.

On June 16, the Prime Minister while launching the Putrajaya Line Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Phase One announced free services for all public transport under RapidKL’s operation including MRT, Light Rail Transit (LRT), Bus Rail Transit (BRT), monorail and RapidKL buses for a month starting June 16.

Wee said the free fare made in conjunction with the opening of the MRT Putrajaya Line Phase One was to reduce the burden of the people besides giving the option to use public transport as an alternative.

Touching on the TAR UMT 10-Year Roadmap, Wee who is also the chairman of the Board of Trustees of TARC Education Foundation said the roadmap is important to transform TAR UMT into a renowned future-proof talent development hub in Malaysia and the region by 2030.

The roadmap lays out the strategies, goals, aspirations and necessary steps TAR UMT needs to take in order to manifest its vision as a future-proof talent development hub into a reality.

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